Coming Soon… WEAPON X 1/6 Scale Custom Figure

We are proud to announce the upcoming arrival of the Weapon X 1/6 scale custom figure, as a 100% DKHM production.

As Lycan is still being developed (a very hard project involving a whole new body you can check HERE) we though on create a  Weapon X figure for ourselves but later we see that a lot of our followers could be interested in pick up that custom figure for themselves too.

That being said, DKHM has started the preproduction of this project in order to create the best and cheapest figure we both can create.

And following that line we just come that info for you to consider if its interesting or no. The better we can value the interest in this figure, the best and cheaper we can create it. So please take a look on the info below and let us know your thoughts.

Regular Version:

 Phicen M 30 body, including professional paint apps for skin tone, blood and any details for body itself and/or hands.

-3d High Quality Headsculpt and HQ paintjob. Regular version is the one with helmet.

-One pair of fist with the Adamantium claws (die-cast)

-Extra pair of hands (open hands).

-3 cibernetics pads attached to a leather belt. 3d HQ sculpt and HQ paints.

-Figure stand with snow effect to emulate the enviroment where the Weapon X facility is located.

-Certified and numbered document.

Deluxe Vers:

-All included in the Regular Version.

-Added a second headsculpt. Logan´s face withouth helmet.

-One extra hand with die cast claws to represent a classic scene from the comic (image below).

-Extasis/Adamantium chamber: The place where Logan is placed for several tests in the Weapon X programm. **That diorama piece is under study, at this point we cant guarantee that this piece will be included.


-We expect to release very soon first images from the 3D headsculpt so you can check the real quality of this project. Stay tunned!!

-As the project is still in an early phase, some of the details mentioned could be modified, replaced or even erased. We will update you all as the project goes on and we will try our best to keep the original concept.

-We are studyng to include removable magnetic claws so you chan choose the hand you want to place them, but its still in an early phase so we dont know if that could be possible or we will include hands with claws as other brands use to do.

-Extasis/Adamantium chamber is still in pre production phase too. We are studying if we can include it in the Deluxe version or even in the regular one, if we should remove the “snow effect stand” to adjust costs if we want to include, if theres no chance because of a high cost…This is just an idea and we need a lot of work here.

-We have two main goals: Quality and cost, being quality our main goal but never creating a product that just a few people can afford. We will do our best to create the best custom figure and the cheaper we can.

-Is still very soon for Release Dates but we think we could get it for this summer, lets say July-September 2017. If we have no problems with pre production and final production, it should be a very accuratte release date.

-This is not a Pre-Order. Its a service that DKHM offers to their followers and friends collectors, working on it with Jakcs Workshop trying that most of you that wish to own this custom figure, really could afford it.

That being said, those that are initially interested in this project and would like to pick up one of this custom limited figure, please leave a comment in this page or email us to:

The most accuratte amount of people interested (theres no compromise if you show interest, dont worry, that will be once “pre-order” starts) the best and cheaper we will create the figure.

-Finishing this announcement, here you have some pictures from the comics so you can have an idea about what is to come:

Extasis/Adamantium Chamber:

This would be the chamber. We have two options. A Squared one and the tube option. Right now we are studying the Tube but will take a look on both versions. You can click on pics to enlarge.


Figure will be based specially in the original comics by Barry Windsor Smith and in the Adam Kubert version. You can check the different look with and withouth helmet. The last pic (wich is actually a comic page) shows you the concept for the extra hand with claws weve talked about.

And thats all for now. We just hope you like the project as much as we like it and stay tunned for more news and progression with that Weapon X Custom Limited Figure.

Thanks for all and till next time!


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