Review Deadpool Hot Toys (English)


Here we come, for the second time, with the Merc with a Mouth! And if youve lost it the first time (the one by Sideshow) HERE it is (*Spanish text)

But to be honest, we like this one based on the film by Ryan Reynolds most than the Sideshow comic version. So… lets grab some chimichangas!

*Click aquí para la versión en español.



A very cool looking art box. Even gunned! It has some bullet holes all over the main cover. Real ones i mean. Well… not from bullets but you get the point, right?

It isnt the best art box by Hot Toys but is cool enough for sure.


Not much to say about sculpture. Just head and hands. But the leather-like suit and all the figure itself looks really fantastic. You cant notice if the headsculpt is a plastic piece or part of the suit. Good joob with paint for sure.

And the suit is full of “battle damage” marks. Even bullet holes. Again.



Maybe you think you need more but …no.

12 gloved hands, 2 metal katanas, its sheath (magnetic), a plastic dagger, 2 pistols with removable magazines, 2 shurikens, a very little pieces of metal we just dont know what the hell are… a stand including a metal and flexible arm, 5 pair of magnetic eyes and the magnetic tool to replace them (check the video) and 2 extra pegs/hand ball joints.


Maybe we could ask for a Ryan Reynolds sculpt but i guess most of us would get the figure with the masked head. Wich is the one included. And if youre missing weapons that the Sideshow version had, well, this one is film acuratte so…

Enough, isnt?


A good range of articulations. Just with 3 limitations.

Arms can go up over the shoulders, legs cant go backwards (because of a hard ass lol) and… did i say 3 things?


Though the suit seems to restrict movements, it really doesnt restrict too much. Its cool and flexible enough. Shoulders and butt are the only problems to posing.

And dont forget to be careful when replacing the hands! Suits tends to deteriorate here. Its because of getting on and out…


Great figure in all senses.


It isnt the best one with the headsculpt. Not the best one with accesories. Not the best one with articulations. But… this figure works pretty good in all these things.

A very cool looking figure, funny (we´ve enjoyed a lot taking pics in several poses) and yeah! we are happy with this Deadpool. We really recommend you to buy it.





¿Where to buy?

It appears as sold out on Sideshow. You can try it with TNS Figures, Atlantica (if youre from Spain) and as last option you always have the chance to look on Ebay.

Click the banners below to access their online shops!




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