DKHM Interviews ThreeZero

Hello folks! Today we bring  you a new interview in the DKHM Site.

This time, we talk with one of the best brands in the 1/6 collectible figures business, the company that  created the fantastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures in their movie version  (Click here to see our review), Fallout, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and  many others…

Yes, we are talking about: Threezero. So… here we go!

*Spanish vers of that interview is HERE.


DKHM: Hi and thank you for making the interview a possibility. It´s an honour for us to talk with one of the biggest companies in the one sixth market. Thank you very much.

Our first question is related about how ThreeZero is growing up. I mean we, the fans,saw a growing  quality improvement in Threezero figures, more international licenses getting done and so on. Is that “growing up effect”  part of the original ThreeZero´s plan? Or is it  due to  a bigger fanbase being loyal to this quality?

ThreeZero:  Thanks for your interest in Threezero collectible figures, we appreciate the support of our fans in both customers and press. Growing is the natural process for any successful company, and since the Threezero reboot in 2013 we have planned to continue acquiring more licenses to bring great figures to the fans. It is equally the loyal fanbase and the support from customers and distributors and the press that keeps us working harder to create the coolest figures the world has seen!

DKHM; Talking about the same thing, we must say ThreeZero gave fans a surprise with the official announcement of the “Horror Line” that a lot of us were waiting for…. Is that line planned to be a long lasting one? Any details about future figures in that line?

ThreeZeroWe have many exciting figures lined up for the Threezero Horror Movie Heritage line. Maybe something as we get closer to the autumn season…

DKHM; We have seen mechas in the ThreeZero stuff. From Mazinger Z to TitanFall. Is there any chance of getting Pacific Rim or Godzilla stuff? We just love kaijus!

ThreeZero;We love kaiju also! We are big fans of Pacific Rim and Godzilla also, and it depends entirely on if/when the licenses are available and the timing needs to be right to work different projects into our schedule.

DKHM; ThreeZero give users the chance to buy their figures from your official site and I must say service is more than good. I´m really happy with it even living so far  from ThreeZero Factory (DKHM is based in Spain). And we know most of European users are happy with it too but… are there any  plans to open a business-center in Europe or any other place outside China? Stores, factories… anything….

ThreeZeroWhat makes Threezero special is that we own our own factories. This allows us the control necessary to provide such a high quality product. With the company and office based in HK, there are not realistic options in expanding to factories in other countries. A brick & mortar Threezero store is impossible at this time because this requires many retail logistics that we are not built for. We are an independent company and our focus is on designing, producing and manufacturing our own figures; and our business model is structured around this.

DKHM; Our Threezero Movie Ninja Turtles Review has been one of the most visited reviews by our readers in DKHM. And the biggest one we made till now! (a four figures review) so it seems  there are a lot of people that fell in love with the TMNT . We saw Bebop and Rocksteady are coming too but, can we expect  more figures from the movies? What about Shredder, Krang, April, Splinter, Casey…?

ThreeZero; We will be revisiting the Turtles again after Rocksteady and Bebop, and plans following will depend on customer support.

DKHM; Could you tell us how is the proccess of creating a licensed figure? I mean, if companies send some specific instructions about creating  the figure, dates to be released.. how much time takes to get an sculpt or prototype and developing the final product…

ThreeZero; Our process certainly varies from project to individual project. Generally, we begin with interest in a license and discussions with the licensor. First, a license has to be available and we have to believe in the interest in our potential customers. Since the care in developing the best figure possible is what is most important to Threezero, we typically do not work with licensors who want to instate specific rules and strict dates, but we are always happy to work with a licensor to our best ability to coordinate our releases with their marketing plans.
The time it takes to develop a figure also varies, especially with licensed products that can be delayed due to pending licensor approvals and necessary revisions; but it generally takes one year from design to prototype and then a few months further for tooling to final product.

DKHM; We usually  see  pics of prototypes produced by companies that have never been released later. Why does this happen? It is because  these prototypes  aren´t as good as intended? Lower selling expectations? Too much stuff waiting to be done?…

ThreeZero; All of the above, really. There are many reasons a prototype cannot make it to release. Sometimes it’s because there was not customer support, sometimes there are conflicts with licensing, development costs, or scheduling… There are countless reasons that a prototype might not see release, and this will vary greatly case by case and company to company.

DKHM; As  said before, it seems that Threezero is getting more international support from the fans. Besides licenses like the Horror Line stuff, TMNT and so on, is there a plan to get any “fan-requested figure ” that hasn´t been done till now?. How important is the fan feedback for developing  a project?

ThreeZero;  Threezero appreciates our fans greatly and we are always paying attention to fan suggestions. During internal discussions, we consider every angle possible; from contract details, scheduling and development costs, and strong customer interest. No matter how cool a toyline is, if it doesn’t receive the customer support, the line cannot afford to continue. Similarly, if a potential new project has great fan request and demand, but is not legally available, then we have to sit on the idea and keep discussions going with potential licensor until an agreement can be made.

DKHM; ThreeZero is getting famous not just because of quality but also for keeping prices a bit lower than other big companies. With the increasing of the Threezero´s official licenses and its  bigger global market, can we hope prices to be in the same line or could it  mean some kind of increasing in prices for any reason?

Threezero;  We do our best to always keep prices as low as possible. Our #1 goal is to create amazing collectible figures and get them into the hands of our fans. If our customers cannot afford our figures, then it defeats this purpose. The more support we receive our fans, the more capable we are of maintaining affordable and moderate pricing on our figures!

DKHM: Well, it has been a pleasure making  this interview and we really wish the best of lucks for ThreeZero and we wish being able talking  with you sometime in the near future.

Once again, thank you very much!

ThreezeroThank you DKHM!   We appreciate your support and look forward to your future coverage on Threezero collectible figures! y para nuestros aficionados de hablan español, ¡muchas gracias!


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